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At GetAdvocacy, we leverage patient advocacy and negotiation skills to alleviate the financial burdens associated with medical care. Our primary goal is to ensure fair compensation for healthcare providers and facilities while preventing individuals from being overwhelmed by exorbitant pricing. With over 25 years of collective negotiation expertise, our team excels in securing substantial discounts and bundled service arrangements before and after treatment. On average, we achieve a remarkable 65% discount* on billed charges, fostering mutually beneficial agreements that satisfy providers and patients alike.

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We get it. We're patients, too.

We assist individuals in navigating the complexities of the healthcare system by directly collaborating with them to identify providers who prioritize transparent and equitable pricing. Taking into account personal preferences such as proximity, gender, or specialty, we conduct thorough research to streamline healthcare decision-making processes.



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Whether affiliated with a Health Care Sharing program, an organization seeking to manage self-funded plan expenses, a Third-Party Administrator (TPA), or a healthcare provider, our services are tailored to save you valuable time and resources while enhancing the overall healthcare experience for all involved parties.

*This number reflects the average discounts across all lines of business administered by GetAdvocacy. The actual percentage of some particular business segments may differ.